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The Mercer County Writer’s group Nomadic Ink will be submitting weekly short stories, poetry and other works for the Harrodsburg Herald Blog.

October 2018 saw the revival of Nomadic Ink,  when the group began meeting after being on hiatus since 2016. Tony Sexton, who founded, the group in 2006, said he is excited for another forum to publish works created within the group. To read the weekly posts click here.

“I think this is a great opportunity for writers all over Kentucky,” said Sexton.

tony sexton 2

“I don’t believe in ‘writers block’,” said Sexton. “If you just put your pen to paper eventually something will come out.”

Sexton said the group is meeting twice a month but participation can be done online through their Facebook page as well. Meetings begin with a writing prompt in hopes to encourage people to write.  After the prompt discussion and a challenge for the next meeting will be given.

The group is open for writers of all ages to attend and encourage anyone with the slightest interest in any type of writing to come join the discussion whether it is online or at the meetings. 

“Nomadic Ink was created after a workshop I conducted and every one wanted to continue. We started meeting in various places like the park and homes, etc, thus the name Nomadic Ink,” said Sexton. “We call ourselves Ink Blots. The mission is to lead hopeful writers into inspiration and confidence in their abilities to reach their goals as writers.”

Sexton has had success with Nomadic Ink in the past. Several members of the group have published books of both poetry and prose. Over the years, this group has also published several chapbooks including three issues of Prose and Poetry For Pets, a fundraiser for The Mercer County Humane Society.

Sexton has had several published items as well. He has contributed to the “Mercer Magazine” and the “Danville Advocate-Messenger.”

Nomadic Ink members

Recently the Mercer County Public Library hosted a poetry reading to celebrate National Poetry Month on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Members of Nomadic Ink gave readings and encouraged others to join in.

Library Poetry meeting

Pictured are Tracy Mundy, coordinator of the event for MCPL with poets who read. Front row left to right are Tony Sexton, Bobby Rightmeyer, Betsy Fleischer, Robin Cotten, Bonnie Dehart, Shirley Walls and Harriet Ruby. Back row l-r: Mundy, Stewart Evans, Nancy Hill, Sarah Morgan, Paul Stansbury and T.J. Schweers.

To join Nomadic Ink is free and open to all the public. Click this link to go to their Facebook page. Click this link to read the weekly blog posts.